Rifle Case Options: The 5 Best for Any Budget

Confession: there’s more than 5 rifle case options here. It’s more like 5 different categories with 2 options in each category.

What can I say, I like giving people options.

So here are some great options to keep your valuable boom sticks safe no matter where you’re going.

Types of Rifle Cases:

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Good Cheap Rifle Case

Sometimes, all you need is a good cheap case to tote your rifles in.  Something that doesn’t break the bank because you might need a bunch of them.

There are many options, and here are two good ones that won’t make your wallet complain.

Good Cheap Black Rifle Case

Amazon.com: Good Cheap Soft Rifle Case – Black (One of the top 5 best selling rifle cases on Amazon.com.  Over 2/3 of the reviews are 5-star.)


Good Cheap Camo Rifle Case

Amazon.com: Good Cheap Soft Rifle Case – Camo (Lets face it, camo is cool.  And I couldn’t make a list of rifle cases without including a camo one that doesn’t cost an arm & a leg)

Tactical Rifle Case

Black Rifle fans, (that’s AR-15 guys if you didn’t know) these are the cases your rifles live in.  These cases usually have storage for extra magazines and are sized to fit an AR-15’s tall body, even when you have a scope riding on top.

These are excellent for storing your trunk gun to comply with travel laws.  Plus, the storage for extra magazines will come in handy if the “Stuff” ever hits the Fan while driving around.

Also, the extra pockets come in handy to store all those little goodies for a range trip.

Best Selling Tactical Rifle Case

Best Selling Tactical Rifle Case (This is the best selling rifle case on all of Amazon.com. Almost 3/4 of the reviews give it 5-star, and most of the rest give it 4 stars)


Ultra High Quality Tactical Rifle Case

Ultra High Quality Tactical Rifle Case (As of this writing, a astounding 94% of reviewers gave it positive reviews, with 85% being 5 star.  It’s got some great features so check it out.)

Disguised Rifle Case

Okay, I don’t like hiding my love of guns either.  But there are times when discretion is the better part of valor.

Anti-gun neighbors, suspicious stares, and a general desire to “live and let live” sometimes push me to carry my rifle discreetly.  If you have the same desire occasionally, then a disguised rifle case can help you travel incognito.

Plus, it’s cool to carry a rifle around when everyone thinks it something else.

A great option is an electric Guitar case. It’s not a Tommy gun in a violin case, but they are pretty cheap, can hide large rifles (even with a scope) and people won’t think twice about a guy carrying a guitar case.  They’re perfect for moving long guns without anyone getting their undies in a bunch.

Disguised Rifle Case Guitar

Disguised Rifle Case – Guitar (92% positive reviews with over 80% of them 5 star, plus it’ll work for most rifles that aren’t too long.)


Long Electric Guitar Rifle Case

Long Electric Guitar Rifle Case (Some rifles are just too long for the case above.  This is the biggest one I could find and should handle almost anything)

“Trip to the Range” Rifle Case

Big rifle cases hold lots of stuff. So if you’d like one case to rule them all…  One case to find them…  One case to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them…

Lord of the Rings fans just chuckled.  Everyone else went “Huh?”

On a more serious note, combo range bag rifle cases are good for more than just enslaving Middle Earth.  They can hold multiple rifles, shotguns and/or pistols, plus plenty of other goodies.  They cost (and weigh) a bit more, but they’re a LOT more versatile.

Trip to the Range Rifle Case

Trip to the Range Rifle Case (95% positive reviews, with over 75% being 5 star.  Plus, it comes in 3 colors and has a ton of storage space.  For guns under 43 inches, how can you go wrong?)

Trip to the Range Rifle Case Longer Version

Trip to the Range Rifle Case – Longer Version (For those who have a gun longer than 43 inches or simply want a larger case)

Hard Rifle Case

Lets face it, sometimes life can be rough.  Soft cases are great for size, weight and price; but sometimes you need a little more.  A case that can take a licking and keep on ticking.

That’s where Hard rifle cases absolutely shine.

A good, tough & sturdy hard case can keep your rifle safe from the harshest of falls and bumps. They are ideal for any situation where rough handling is expected.

Hard Rifle Case

Hard Rifle Case (over 90% positive reviews makes this one of the highest rated hard cases on Amazon.com. Perfect for AR-15s and other shorter rifles)


Double Scoped Hard Rifle Case

Double Scoped Hard Rifle Case (If you have longer / larger rifles and/or want to safely move more than one, look no further.)

…And that’s it for rifle cases.  I do have many more great articles on my home page though.  Enjoy!


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